[Infographic]Smartphone gaming in Japan-surprisingly untouched by outside developers

HITRACKING have released an interesting report about Japanese smartphone gaming using data from 500 Japanese smartphone gamers. The study has some intriguing information based upon the types of games that are played, how long they are played for, where, who with and why, and in particular there are some telling statistics based on how many have played games that were not developed in Japan. Some of the key findings from the survey are:

The most popular genre is ‘puzzle’. It was voted for as a favored genre by 62% of those surveyed, three times as many votes as 2nd and 3rd placed ‘RPG’ and ‘Table and Board’. ‘Action’ games were popular too but only amongst the males.

4 in 5 play at home at some point, yet 60% do not play with their families.

The Japanese like to play games whilst on the move. 50% play whilst commuting, whilst 70% stated the reason that they play is to pass time travelling.

A third of people stated that they play games at school or at work.

Many like to play for extended periods of time. 60% will play more than 30 minutes each day, half of which play longer than an hour and nearly half of those will play longer than 2 hours every day.

Only a third of those surveyed said that they had played games that originated outside of Japan. Of those nearly half did not know or couldn’t remember the title of the game(s) they had played.

Of those that had played knew the title, the top foreign game was Clash of Clans which received 19% of their votes whilst the Candy Crush Saga fared reasonably well too with 14% of the votes.

From these readings we can see an obvious love of smartphone gaming in Japan, and according to a report from Markezine in 2012 only 48% of the population currently have smartphones, a steadily rising figure proving that an already great smartphone game market is only going to improve. The two popular foreign titles, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga, both made efforts to crack the Japanese market (e.g. translating the games language, marketing) and are now reaping the rewards.

If you are a developer of a mobile app or game and considering expanding your market to include Japan, then this data should further convince you of the largely untapped potential for success. With minimal effort on your behalf we can assist you in breaking this market with our relevant and vital experience of our land and its people. This understanding is the key to unlocking the vast potential Japan holds. Please view the full extent of this survey in our infographic below.

Smartphone Gaming In Japan